Bill Cosby Tweets ‘Thanks’ To His Rape-Apologist Friends

Cosby-memeBill Cosby‘s been very silent since women started popping up all over the internet, accusing him of rape; he’s been ducking the allegations for weeks. I believe the official number is now 21.  21 women alleging various degrees of assault — many insist they were drugged. While most entertainers tied to Cosby have refrained from commenting, there have been two very vocal supporters: Whoopi Goldberg and Jill Scott. Today, Cosby tweeted, “Thanks” to his rape-apologist friends.



When the now infamous Washington Post op-ed written by one of Cosby’s accusers was published, Whoopi Goldberg said on The View that she “had a lot of questions for the lady.” Not for the man who at that point had 14 accusations of rape swirling around him, but for one of his alleged victims.

Then this week, Jill Scott piped up to defend Cosby on Twitter, then follow her defense with some ridiculous victim-blaming tweet, advising victims to get rape kits. I’d like to add to the chorus of, “Shut up, Jill. Just shut up.”

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 1.45.39 PM

I don’t care how much you’ve looked up to Bill Cosby. Turning a blind eye to that many allegations and essentially being a rape apologist is just gross. And Scott’s follow-up tweet is deplorable. Not only is she defending someone with almost two dozen rape allegations against him (that we know of), she then basically says it’s the victim’s fault that this predator is roaming free because they didn’t get a rape kit done. Gross, Jill. Gross.

If Cosby is going to choose silence — he should just choose silence. Call Scott and Goldberg on the phone. He’s the luckiest man in showbiz, as his old ass should be rotting in jail behind of all these assaults. Yes, I am judging him. Harshly. Dozens of women just don’t come out of the woodwork like this to dismantle a man’s career. The court of public opinion seems to be the only way this man is going to be tried.

I’m going to go throw my computer out a window now.

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