Family Of Boy Killed 34 Years Ago Use A Unique Tool To Help Find Murderer – Twitter

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Bill ComeansThe family of a boy who was murdered at age 14 over 34 years ago is using Twitter to find the killer. While this might seem like a strange way to go about it, Bill Comeans‘ family is desperate and are hoping to keep his name and story alive through social media to help crack this cold case.

A little over 34 years ago, on January 7th, 1980, Comeans was found a mere block away from his home in Columbus, Ohio. He had been strangled by his own scarf. To this day, the killer has not been found, so this year his younger sister Kathleen decided to set up a Twitter account in his name to bring attention to the case.

So far Kathleen has posted dozens of tweets describing Bill’s murder and his family’s torment.

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Kathleen also gave a heart wrenching interview recently with 10TV:

“I miss him everyday. When I was growing up, I followed him around everywhere, I was his little shadow. I can remember the night that we found out, the same feelings are there.”

The scariest part of this story is that Bill had been allegedly attacked two times before his final, fatal encounter, but had managed to get free. He wasn’t able to see the perpetrator’s face either time, however, so nothing could be done. After his death, the Comeans family also received numerous threats in the mail, many of which threatened a similar fate for other children on the block.

According to Franklin County Sheriff’s deputies, there are no new leads in the case, but the family is optimistic that new technology may be able to help solve the case eventually.

My heart aches for this family. Many of the tweets are difficult to read, and the overall feeling I get from the account is lingering anguish and pain. Kathleen obviously loved her brother very much, and I hope for her sake (and the rest of the family) that they can find peace, whether Bill’s killer is found or not.

Anyone with any information on Bill Comeans’ murder is being urged to contact the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department in Columbus Ohio.

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