Bill Insisted On Being In The Room During Hillary’s C-Section, And Now I Love Him Even More

shutterstock_29804500__1371213207_142.196.167.223This week, Chelsea Clinton presented dad Bill Clinton with a “Father of the Year” award during a Save the Children fundraiser. The National Father’s Day Committee awarded him with the title. Chelsea said, ”Every day he’s my dad, and I don’t need an award to tell me he’s the best that I ever could have hoped for.” I love it when daughters gush about their fathers. I never had a close relationship with mine, so I think it’s part envy, part admiration that makes me gush along with them. In true Bill form, he told an amazing birth story while accepting her “award.”

Chelsea was a breech baby, and when they got to the hospital Bill and Hillary Clinton were informed that she would have to be delivered via C-section. Apparently, fathers weren’t allowed into operating rooms at the time that she was delivered. Bill refused to abandon Hillary. He told Parade magazine:

”If you send her into that room without me, I think you’re making a big mistake ”¦ I want to see my daughter born. They let me go in and hold Hillary’s hand. I saw Chelsea come out, and it changed the hospital’s policy on letting fathers into the delivery room when surgery was required. And from that day to this, I have believed without the shadow of a doubt that it was the greatest thing that ever happened to me.”

I know the only thing that got me through those scary first moments of both of my C-sections was having my husband by my side. I can’t remember one thing that he said to me, I just remember staring right into his eyes as if I could just disappear into them and forget that I was on an operating table cut wide open, waiting for my baby to emerge. The moment our children were born was a moment we both shared. We got to take the first glimpse of our babies together. I can’t imagine going through all of that alone.

Obviously, Bill knew that Hillary couldn’t either. For a future father-of-the-year, that was a good call.

(photo: Anthony Correia/ Shutterstock)

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