Biggest Dead Beat Dad Ever Requests Break On Child Support Payments For 30 Kids

child supportGetting your ex to buckle down on those evaded child support payments may seem like a draining past-time. A task proved even more annoying if he or she has managed to set up house and family with somebody else. But imagine for just a moment being the ex of Desmond Hatchett, a Tennessee dad who has fathered 30 children with 11 different women.

Huffington Post reports that the 33-year-old Hatchett (that’s nearly a child to match each birthday!) has gone before court to ask that they cut him some slack on those child support payments considering that he’s working a minimum wage job. The father of 30 is believed to hold the record in his county for most children fathered by a single individual. His children range from the ages of toddlerhood all the way to age 14. And even though the court has previously determined that Hatchet pay 50% of his earnings to the mothers of children, the slices of the pie aren’t very big. We’re looking at perhaps the smallest child support payment checks in history with same families receiving as little as $1.49 per month. And with three coupons and perhaps some leftover change in your cup holder, that would buy you exactly one diaper.

To Hatchett’s credit, he famously said that he would stop having children in 2009 after he had reached the 21 kids mark. Yet, his brood isn’t exactly all that spread out, as he noted that he had four children in one year — twice. Why Hatchett has yet to be offered a reality show, I have yet to understand.

(photo: Arkady/ Shutterstock)

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