10 Biggest Christmas Fails, In Retrospect

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6. Forgetting To Buy Batteries

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I am proud to say we avoided that this year and had the right kinds laying around. It was like some kind of Christmas miracle. But I remember in years’ past when we forgot and our TV remote just had to go silent for a few days until we got around to buying more.

7. Buying Toys With Too Many Parts



What the fuck are Beyblades and why did I buy them for my son, at his request? All these weird little wheelies I keep finding on the floor that I have no idea what to do with. Oh, and the bitty Monster High parts (their arms can pop out- how joyful) and the 8 million Legos. My brain and my feet hurt, in equal parts.

8. Agreeing To Visit Too Many People

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We put a stop to this over the last year or two and it’s been wonderful. Done are the days of making three or four stops over the course of Christmas Day and rushing home to our poor dog so he doesn’t pee all over the place. If you went on the Grand Tour this year, you have my sympathies- I know it can be awful, particularly with kids in tow.

9. Waiting Until Christmas Eve To Assemble Toys



Like I mentioned the other day, we pulled an all-nighter putting together a train table and it was the worst. If you waited until 10 pm on Christmas Eve to put together your little one’s giant dollhouse, I so feel your pain.

10. Three Weeks Of Garbage



When you start shoving all that cardboard, tissue and wrapping paper into the trash do you start to wonder about adopting a more minimalist lifestyle? I know I do but like I said, so many of these regrets are fleeting. By next year, we will be drowning in refuse again. Because apparently, I do not learn from pain.

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