10 Big Kid TV Shows That Are Worse Than Caillou

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6. Rabbids Invasion

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This show is basically an acid trip. Little trouble-making rabbits that don’t seem to speak real words. I have seen several episodes and I still don’t get it. It does make my son act like he’s eaten a dozen Pixy Stix, so there’s that.

7. Every Witch Way

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THIS show. At first, I couldn’t put my finger on what exactly bothered me more than the typical things about these shows that bother me. I figured it out after a few episodes- there is no laugh track. I did not realize how totally flat the lame jokes fall when there is no laugh track to at least TRY to convince you that you should be feeling entertained.

8. Sam and Cat

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I have a love-hate relationship with this show. It is actually kind of funny. But the kinds of things Sam and Cat get away with doing are sort of appalling and there is a lot of adult-themed humor that my kids are starting to question. It is quickly falling lower on my list of shows I will tolerate.

9. The Amazing World of Gumball

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I will admit to not having seen many episodes of this show but it just seems very formulaic and boring. My kids love it for some reason so I overhear it’s obnoxiousness often. Blah.

10. Henry Danger

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Another that is new this season and it is just wretched. Wooden acting, ridiculous plot, horrible jokes- it’s got it all. And yes, we REALLY needed another kid’s show where the main characters are either super heroes or a witch/ghost. That genre was sadly lacking. Le Sigh.

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