Biden’s Jab At Romney Gets More Use Out Of Daylight Savings Time Than My Kids Ever Will

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Daylight savings time ended early this morning and most of the country turned their clocks back.  This is supposed to mean an “extra hour of sleep”  but year after year, my two toddlers don’t get the memo.

In fact, I’d bet that no young child gives a hoot about daylight savings time.  Not that I blame them, even as an adult I’ve never really wrapped my head around this concept.  My body’s sleep cycles always override the clock.  Oblivious to the concept of time altogether, the kids follow suit.  They wake up when they wake up and they apparently expect for you to care for them despite the change.  I’ve tried to explain the awesome benefit of the end of daylight savings time but they usually respond with “more milk!”  which makes me think they aren’t really getting it.

This complicated concept might be lost on me and my children, but not on Vice President Joe Biden who used it to his full benefit.  I’m not talking about the extra hour of sleep, which I expect he enjoyed on the campaign trail.  I’m talking about the opportunity to take a rare daylight savings theme jab at his opponent.

Last night Biden charmed a crowd of 900 voters at a suburban high school in Denver, Colorado by (wink wink) “reminding” them of the time change.

“Folks I want to remind you, this is the end of daylight savings time tonight,” Mr. Biden said. “It’s Mitt Romney’s favorite time of year because he gets to turn the clock back. He wants to turn that clock back so desperately. This time he can really do it tonight.”

His reference was specifically directed to the recording released where we hear Romney declare that “47 percent of the American people are unwilling to take responsibility for their own lives.”  We can all imagine Romney wishes he could turn the clock back and erase that damning moment in time.  His words have since been used against him by all members of the Democratic party and even by President Obama himself during the debates.  Biden concludes his character attack with an anecdote quoting dear old mom.

“Joey, the measure of your character is not what you do when people are looking. It’s what you do when you think no one is looking.”

And it all began with a joke that centered around the end of daylight savings time.   I may never get that extra hour of sleep that daylight savings time promises, but someone is making good use of the ancient practice.

(photo: Markus Gann / Shutterstock)