Danielle Bregoli, AKA Bhad Bhabie, Hospitalized After Severe Stomach Pains

Image: Instagram / bhadbhabie

Pop culture is so weird, you guys. It’s interesting to see how some people shoot to fame (infamy?) after what would normally be a forgettable appearance on a trashy talk show. Who could have guessed when we met Danielle Bregoli as the Cash Me Ousside girl that we’d still be talking about her all these years later? In case you need a refresher, Bregoli became a pop culture flashpoint/meme after an appearance on the Dr. Phil show. Now, she’s a rapper/performer/beauty influencer with a Billboard Award nomination and a gold record. Just … so weird. Bregoli, who now goes by Bhad Bhabie, found herself in the news once again recently. The rapper was hospitalized after experiencing severe stomach pains on a plane set to fly to Los Angeles.

Bhad Bhabie was heading back to Los Angeles from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. But she had to get off the plane before take off.


The rapper had been experiencing stomach pains for a few days, but boarded the flight back to LA. Once on the plane, the pain became severe, and after talking with flight attendants and her team, she exited the plane and was taken to the hospital. Bregoli, 16, underwent tests at the hospital but they all came back negative. She was discharged with orders to rest for a few days. Her manager says she’s currently stable, and will try to return to Los Angeles early next week.

Bregoli’s transition from meme to legitimate star has been fascinating to watch.


When Bregoli appeared on Dr. Phil’s show, most people wrote her off as a delinquent. But she did what a lot of infamous people aren’t able to do: she turned her infamy into an actual business. As Bhad Bhabie, she’s selling records and selling out shows. She recently inked a deal with Snapchat for a series that documents her life. She also signed a deal worth 900k to be the face of Copycat Beauty. It’s actually kind of mind-blowing. But we underestimate the power of being a pop culture phenomenon, and Bhad Bhabie saw her shot and she took it. What’s that saying – don’t hate the player, hate the game? Can’t hate on someone for making lemonade out of lemons, right?

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