We All Need a Customized BFF Temporary Tattoo

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We all have that one best friend. The one you can call anytime day or night for help, for advice, for laughter, or for a shoulder to cry on. If you don’t have one of these, you need one. Everyone needs their person! And once you’ve found that person, you need to honor them. What better way to do that than with bff temporary tattoos? Show your bestie how much they mean to you by literally wearing their face somewhere on your body. That’s true love, folks.

Etsy shop lilimandrill is selling customized bff temporary tattoos. Honestly, what a genius idea!

Nothing says “I love you” like slapping your bff’s face on your arm. When you’ve got that kind of friendship, it needs to be memorialized. My best friends and I have a strict NO NEW FRIENDS policy, so this would be the perfect way to dissuade anyone from trying to strike up a casual friendship with one of us. “Oh, sorry, see this? This is my best friend. I’m spoken for, thanks.”

These tattoos are also perfect for bachelorette parties! Who needs dick straws when you have the bride-to-be’s face on your boob?

bff temporary tattoos

Image: Etsy/lilimandrill

Obviously you have to pick the most embarrassing photo for this one. Like maybe one where she’s passed out on the floor in front of the bed or something.

All the drawings are done by hand. All you have to do is send in a photo, and the shop will create a custom temporary tattoo for you! They’re sold in packages, starting at $70 for 10 tattoos.

I suppose you could even have one made for your significant other. But this definitely seems more like a bestie thing.

So show your other half how much you love them by getting a temporary tattoo made of their face. That’s good for AT LEAST one favor in return.

(Image: Etsy / lilimandrill)