Beyonce’s Pregnancy Trumps Earthquakes, World Cup And Royalty On Twitter

Remember the days when pregnancy was, well, totally unsexy? Yeah, neither do we. But once upon a time, people kept their pregnancies lo-pro, I am told, and appearing preggo and naked on the cover of a magazine was considered groundbreaking (just ask Demi Moore).

Now it couldn’t be hotter. In fact, Beyonce‘s baby news set a new Twitter record. According to Twitter’s official global PR feed, @TwitterGlobalPR, Twitter users fired off a record-breaking 8,868 tweets per second on Monday at 10:35 p.m. just moments after she announced her pregnancy during the MTV Video Music Awards.

It’s the most tweets per second ever recorded for a single event. The previous record (7,196 tweets per second) was made in July during the final thrilling moments of the Women’s World Cup final in which the U.S. lost to Japan, according to Digital Trends. The March 11 earthquake and tsunami in Japan, another contender, had 5,530 tweets per second;  April’s British royal wedding had 3,966 tweets per second; and the news of Osama bin Laden‘s death in May had just over 5,000 tweets per second.

So what does this mean? That we are celebrity-obsessed culture, to be sure, but I think it also says something about motherhood, that it’s something to be celebrated  in Hollywood and beyond.

(Photo: Nikki Nelson/

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