Beyonce’s Parents Divorce After 31 Years Of Marriage, Lovechild Didn’t Help

tina and matthew knowlesBeyonce‘s parents, Tina Knowles and Matthew Knowles, may be welcoming a grandchild together sometime this winter but they certainly won’t be as married couple. The two have recently finalized their divorce after it came out that Papa Knowles was having an affair — and had a lovechild.

The pair separated in 2009 and Tina filed for divorce no less than a month after actress Alexsandra White said that she was pregnant with Matthew’s child. Daily Mail reports that the two engaged in an 18-month affair, after which Alexsandra gave birth to a son, Nixon, in February of 2010. Matthew apparently denied paternity but a pesky DNA test proved otherwise.

Beyonce has cut all professional ties with her father, as he was her manager until early 2011.

This divorce comes through after 31 years of marriage, and two years after Tina filed the original paperwork claiming that her marriage was “insupportable because of discord or conflict of personalities.”

Beyonce maintains that as a daughter of divorced parents, she is still managing to keep all relations copacetic despite her father’s affair and new son. Given their daughter’s insurmountable success and talent, the formerly Mr. and Mrs. Knowles can hardly call their union a failure.


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