Beyonce’s Mother Is Less Than Thrilled About Those Fake Pregnancy Rumors

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Pregnant Beyonce chatted with Katie Couric recently and aside from plugging her new concert film, which she edited and produced herself, the Grammy winner described how those fake pregnancy rumors are impacting her family.

Since the infamous sit-down Australian interview in which Beyonce’s dress folded in a not so true to pregnancy fashion, spectulation about hypothetical surrogates have surfaced. Beyonce’s list of recent music videos, one of which was shot just weeks before her pregnant belly debut at the MTV Music Videos, have also fueled chatter that the actress and singer may not actually be with child.

Beyonce addressed, and again dismissed, the rumors calling them “ridiculous” and “over the top.” But she also gave us a window into angry Mother Knowles’ reaction. Beyonce mimics her mother and formerstylelist, describing her fury for the press “talking about [her] grandbaby” who isn’t even here yet.

Considering that Beyonce has been in the entertainment industry for just over a decade now, one would imagine that the Knowles family would be well-seasoned in reacting to outlandish press stories. But I suppose the advent of new life is just too sensitive  a subject, even for a business-savvy family like the Knowles.