Beyonce Went Outside Yesterday And I Guess That’s Newsworthy

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beyThis morning, before I had even turned on my Keurig, I flipped on the TV to catch today’s headlines as I got ready for work. Imagine my surprise to find that the most exciting and newsworthy thing happening in America right now is a woman stepping out of her front door and attending some party or another. That’s right, something I do on a fairly regular basis is more important than Presidential primaries or an entire staff being letting go from a public school for possible sexual misconduct. No, don’t cover that. Tell me about Beyonce.

In case we’re the first website you’ve looked at this morning, I’ll clue you in that Beyonce attended her husband Jay-Z‘s performance at Carnegie Hall in New York City last night. I’m sure you’re all shocked to know that Bey looked great, wore a form-fitting dress and seems to have magically dropped all her baby weight immediately. (Paula Patton admitting that it takes hard work to shed those post-labor pounds seems more refreshing by the minute.)

Given that this pregnancy might have dominated more news coverage than that of the Virgin Mary, I shouldn’t be surprised that the first post-baby showing is big news. Everything from Beyonce’s cravings to maternity wear has been meticulously reported by the ever-growing celebrity baby press corps. We here at Mommyish aren’t immune either!

At first, it seemed like such a novelty. This power couple, Beyonce and Jay-Z, who refused to confirm their relationship to the press until they were already married, were suddenly letting the media in to a part of their private lives. From the announcement to the interviews, everything was so sensational. We gobbled it up.

Then, the backlash began. Beyonce’s possibly-prosethetic stomach collapsed. The legendary diva reportedly went all Sasha Fierce in the hospital, and everyday parents were blocked from seeing their children in the NICU. The world got a little tired of Queen B and her magical vagina. [tagbox tag=”Beyonce”]

And now, a short month later, here were are screaming about her reappearance. A whole new round of post-baby talk is just beginning, all because the lady essentially went to visit her husband at work. Although if I showed up to my husband’s job in a clingy dress and Louboutins, he might think it’s a big deal as well, I guess.

Listen, I think we all have learned a lot with the birth of little Blue Ivy Carter. I’m hoping that as a nation, we’ve realized that our obsession with celeb kids is getting out of control. These women are doing with thousands other manage to do everyday without hourly updates or in-depth analysis (except on their personal Facebook page).

Last night, Beyonce made an appearance. But that is not the most important or noteworthy thing happening in our nation today. Let’s all promise to try to keep things in perspective from now on.