Can We All Please Stop Talking About Beyonce’s ‘Surrogate’ Baby Now?

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Screen Shot 2013-02-17 at 8.58.35 AMI watched Beyonce‘s HBO documentary, Life Is But A Dream, last night. Good lord. I don’t usually take up for multi-millionaires who really don’t need me defending them in the first place, but can we all lay the Beyonce surrogate conspiracy to rest now?

Frankly, I was a little bored by the documentary – but it’s because she seems like such a normal person. She has daddy issues. She has a miscarriage in her past. She found someone to love and share her life with. Minus the awesome bank account, the incredible dancing ability, and the zillions of fans – Beyonce and I are practically the same person. Well – I swear a lot more.

I never really understood the fascination with insisting that she wasn’t carrying her own child. I mean, what gives? Logically, it makes no sense that someone who is in the public eye and tracked everywhere she goes would try to pull off a hoax like that. Dare I say that the haters just wanted to claim that there was something they could do that she couldn’t? I’m coming off like some Beyonce super-fan right now. Honestly, I’m not. I don’t own a single song she’s ever recorded. I just think that the accusation that someone who has been through pregnancy loss and clearly loved being pregnant was never pregnant at all – is cold, cruel, and stupid.

I’m sure there are a lot of viewers who were expecting to see her walk around in a bikini bearing her pregnant belly or showcasing her pregnancy more than she did. I’m glad that she didn’t. To me, that clearly shows that she has nothing to prove to anyone. Why feed the beast?

She says in the documentary,”I always battle with, ‘how much do I reveal about myself?'” I thought she was amazingly able to come across as transparent, while really not sharing anything. We got a few glimpses of her pregnant belly, a few moments between her and Jay-Z, and an allusion to a riff between her and her father without any real details. Genius. She “let’s us in” to her life – but not really. This is going to sound ridiculous coming from someone who writes about pop culture and celebrity for a living – but I don’t think stars have any obligation to let us into their private lives. I think what Beyonce gave us in Life Is But A Dream was an extended music video with a few monologues.  I respect her for that.

She’ll be on Oprah’s Next Chapter tonight discussing, among other things, her pregnancy weight gain. I can’t wait to hear what people have to say about that. I might not be going to any Beyonce concerts any time soon – but she’s a strong, successful woman who carried her own child, people! Let it go.

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