Mommyish Debate: Does Beyonce Suck As A Person? We Discuss

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Beyonce Lindsay Cross: I like Beyonce and I feel bad that she’s hounded by tabloids, but they’ve been so much more public since she announced her pregnancy. I think they kind of invited this obsession. They were so private for so long, then all of the sudden they were discussing it at every turn.

Koa Beck: Because it was a business opportunity!

Lindsay Cross: Exactly! Come on, Jay-Z released a tribute song the day that they announced the birth.

Shawna Cohen: I read earlier today that B.I.C. (Blue Ivy Carter) is the youngest human being ever to grace the billboard charts. Her cries are featured at the end of “Glory.”

Lindsay Cross: Jay-Z could’ve written something sweet and kept it private. He chose not to. That’s inviting a lot of this controversy and a lot of this criticism.

Shawna Cohen: It’s interesting that up ’til this point, they’ve been a rather private couple ad then out popped that baby, and suddenly Beyonce is a mommyjacker like no other!

Koa Beck: Major Mommyjacker. [tagbox tag=”Beyonce”]

Shawna Cohen: But, yes, back to our earlier point – I think our obsession with celebrity culture has reached new lows.

Lindsay Cross: I would agree there. Anymore, it feels guilty and predatory.

Shawna Cohen: Beyonce may have shitloads of money and diamond-studded pacifiers, bathtubs, a team full of “helpers.” But, at the end of the day, she’s a mother with a newborn baby hopefully experiencing that awe and utter joy that comes with the experience.

Lindsay Cross: And I hope she and that newborn baby stay indoors and out of the limelight for a while.

Shawna Cohen: Yes, that’ll be interesting to see.

Lindsay Cross: I think it will help them and everyone else.

Koa Beck: They probably already have a deal to reveal a picture of Blue Ivy’s face on a new perfume bottle or something.

Shawna Cohen: ha ha.

Lindsay Cross: Hehehe. That’s really funny. And if it happens, I’ll cry.

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