Mommyish Debate: Does Beyonce Suck As A Person? We Discuss

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Koa Beck: There are suspicions that the complaining parents were planted for tabloids in the first place to drum up publicity, which I would Beyonce pulsebelieve given how Beyonce and Jay-Z promote. But we’re going beyond tabloids at this point. The New York Times has quotes from these parents.

Lindsay Cross: That would just be a sad statement on celebrity tabloid culture.

Shawna Cohen: I don’t know why I’m so defensive of Beyonce and Jay-Z, but I kind of have been since day one. She’s been scrutinized like no other since the moment she announced her pregnancy. That is definitely the price of fame – but I often have a soft spot from celebs who are hounded by the pap. It just brings out the worst in people and maybe that’s the bigger issue here.

Koa Beck: So to be clear, you’re saying that those who subscribe to tabloid culture, perhaps these parents, have no right to complain about being barred from their babies?

Shawna Cohen: No, no, not at all. I think EVERYONE has a right to complain about being barred from their babies. It is inexcusable and if those parents sued, I wouldn’t blame them one bit. I’m just surprised that everyone was so quick to blame Beyonce and Jay-Z as the cause when there’s also the hospital administrators to consider as well the security guards who turned them away.

Koa Beck: I think this incident is proof of how out of control celebrity obsessions, particularly with motherhood and pregnant women, have become.

Shawna Cohen: I completely agree, Koa.

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