Mommyish Debate: Does Beyonce Suck As A Person? We Discuss

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It’s been a long week in Mommyish news since Beyonce gave birth last weekend and while our editorial staff has worked hard giving you all the details from the meaning of Blue Ivy‘s name to the disputes from parents who were snubbed at Lenox Hill to the State Heath Department‘s findings, we’re frankly glad it’s Friday. So in the hopes that Beyonce doesn’t suddenly deliver another baby this weekend or is spotted brunching with her newborn daughter in SoHo, here are some final thoughts from our editors on the essential question: is Beyonce a horrible person?

Shawna Cohen: Does Beyonce suck? I vote no!

Lindsay Cross: I’d say no.

Koa Beck: I’m on the same page. I don’t think she’s an awful person but I think parents feel slighted by her given that her birth reportedly eclipsed the needs of other parents.

Shawna Cohen: I don’t know Bey personally (duh), but she probably did what any mom-to-be would do: ensured the safety of her baby. For someone as famous as she, that entailed hiring her own security team. Can you blame the woman?

Lindsay Cross: I think giving birth is such a momentous time for any parent. And it’s easy to see why other parents don’t want their special time taken over by someone who thinks their “better.”

Lindsay Cross: I’m not saying that she does, but she could have been humble and grateful and ingratiated herself to a lot of people. Instead, it seemed like this couple felt that their special time was more important than anyone else’s. And that’s why people got so frustrated.

Shawna Cohen: Agreed. Celebrity births should in no way trump “regular” births. If there’s anyone to blame for the hospital hoopla in which at least two dads were allegedly denied access to their newborns, it’s the hospital and/or the security guards on duty. Leave bey alone!

Koa Beck: I agree, I think Lenox Hill should take the fall for this one. They clearly couldn’t manage both Beyonce’s security team and meet the needs of other parents. However, Beyonce and Jay-Z did not even mention what happened in their press release announcing Blue Ivy’s birth — which further cements people’s suspicions that they don’t care about anyone but themselves.

Shawna Cohen: We’re not sure the claims are true, though.

Koa Beck: I’m not saying that they are…but it wouldn’t have hurt to even mention it.

Shawna Cohen: These security guards sound like duds, but the reality is that the paparazzi would have taken over the hospital hallways if not for their presence. Plus, I’m sure many of the same people who are criticizing the couple are the same ones who would die to see a photo of baby Blue. Don’t get me wrong: if I were denied access to my newborn, I’d have a fit and I would be far from understanding.

Lindsay Cross: I think Koa has a great point there. If it was just a hospital issue, Beyonce and Jay-Z could’ve said, “We’re so upset that the commotion of our stay made it more difficult for other parents.” A simple acknowledgement could have done so much to help.But if it was their personal security that made things so difficult, that’s on Bey and Jay. Whether they are the nicest people in the world, it was their employees. If it was the hospital’s security, then the fault is with Lenox Hill.

Shawna Cohen: But the reality is nobody knows the facts.

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