Jay-Z Candidly Updates Us On Beyonce’s Uterus

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beyonce pregnantThere have been some not so silent mumblings — no, literally, I work just beside our sister site Crushable! — that Beyonce is pregnant again. Baby Blue Ivy will turn one this coming January but there was much speculation that another brother or sister was also around the corner. Someone must have passed daddy Jay-Z a link or two because he’s going on record about his wife’s uterus and with the help of time tables. Let’s all count the months together.

People magazine reports that Jay-Z had a chat with E! Online in which he laid out a whopping negative:

“Not tonight,” he said, “not in nine months – absolutely not.” And just in case there were any further doubts, the rapper added, “Not in one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight or nine months.”

I’m sure all the other rabid uterus watchers (i.e. paparazzos) appreciate the timeline as they’re still probably fixated on Beyonce’s every glass of water and flowy blouse. The Knowles usually don’t address such pregnancy rumors, even dating back to those surrogacy whispers following a somewhat questionable TV appearance. Maybe the couple is looking to get ahead of such narratives this time around. Which brings us to a nine-month projection calendar accompanied with a resounding “no!”

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