Kim Kardashian Must Be Pissed That Beyonce Is Stealing Her Thunder

shutterstock_126274109__1368878657_142.196.156.251I hate to be the one to imply that someone who spends her whole life on camera and lets all of the personal details of her life unfold before an audience would be annoyed by being upstaged by someone else’s pregnancy, but – if the shoe fits. We all know Kim Kardashian is pissed that Beyonce is pregnant.

It was bad enough she had to share her glowing maternal attention with the Duchess. But at least she was royalty. Now our own Hip-Hop royalty is pregnant, and we all know that there is no room for two queens on the throne. Move over, Kim.

I’m kidding – sort of. I mean, I’m sure she’s not really upset that someone more famous and loved than her is pregnant. This may take some of the pressure off. We all know the media likes to skewer pregnant women, and Kim has had more than her fair share of bad pregnancy publicity. God forbid a woman gains a few pounds while she’s growing a human. She may actually be relieved to give up some of the spotlight.

I know I couldn’t really bare to see another shot of her poor, pregnant feet jammed into six-inch heels. Why are you doing this to yourself, Kim? I wonder if the attention that Beyonce is sure to get will allow Kim to loosen up a bit and take some of the pressure off of herself to constantly look made-up and extremely uncomfortable. Or it may do the opposite. Remember how stellar Beyonce looked during her first pregnancy? Did you see her documentary? She was dancing her ass off in a corset while in those early miserable stages of pregnancy. She is a superwoman.

One thing is for sure, Beyonce and Jay-Z will definitely take the cake when it comes to naming their child. They have to live up to Blue Ivy‘s legacy. I bet you anything there is already a trademark being filed.

Better get on your game, Kim and Kanye.

(photo: s_bukley/ Shutterstock)

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