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Beyonce Performed In Atlantic City – Was Nervous About Returning To ‘Old Job’

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Beyonce Atlantic CityIt’s a sentiment that plenty of modern moms can relate to, the nervous feeling about heading back to work. You’ve had weeks or months off work, bonding with your beautiful little child. Your body has changed, your attitude has changed. Let’s just say a whole lot has freaking changed. And then, all of the sudden, you’re thrust back into your job and leaving the little one with a sitter.

I’m pretty sure that on my first day back, I was still wearing maternity pants to accommodate my slowing shrinking belly. I was probably distracted and absent-minded, because my mind was somewhere else. People took it easy on me, knowing that it was a rough transition back to the office. And even with that, I felt plenty of pressure.

So I simply cannot imagine what it must feel like for Beyonce, a woman whose body will be critiqued by every major media outlet in the world. Thousands of people were expecting a spectacular performance, and probably wouldn’t be as sympathetic if the musician forgot the words to “Single Lady” or kept it easy on the dance moves. Honestly, I’m not the one who performed and the thought of it might be giving me hives here.

But perform she did, and by all accounts, Beyonce did a spectacular job returning to work in Atlantic City. This wasn’t just a one-off either, the pop star will have three more shows over the holiday weekend.

Before the show, Beyonce shared her feelings about going back to work. She says,

 “I feel a little nervous. I’m enjoying being a mother so it’s like going back to my old job, and it’s a little strange. But it’s important that you don’t lose yourself and still have your own passions. And so I’m back to work, I’m back to business.”

It’s another statement that endears the pop star who endured serious blowback about diva behavior at the hospital. She previously won some favor by breastfeeding in public, an issue that plenty of moms feel passionate about.

I completely understand where Bey is coming from on this one. Going back to work was nerve-racking, but it felt like an important step for me as well. I’m glad to see that the star’s return to the stage went well and I’m sure she felt great going home to see little Blue Ivy once the evening was done.

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