Watch Beyonce Read Her Mom-Crushing Letter To Michelle Obama In Obama-Biden Video

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BeyonceIn spring of this year, new mother Beyonce let all her awe for Michelle Obama hang out in an open letter that she posted to her website. The handwritten page, brimming with sincerity and admiration, also contained seventh grade-esque details like “u” and call caps exclamations that she is the “FIRST LADY!!!” But even though you may have had the opportunity to read Bey’s letter, now you can watch Blue Ivy’s mother read her words aloud along with a Michelle Obama video montage!

With an election this fall, it looks like the Obama-Biden team jumped right on the Grammy winner’s high esteem for the mother and wife in a promotional video. Available on the Barack Obama YouTube channel, the footage has been officially co-opted as campaign material, complete with a “donate” button. Way to get that diva mommy vote!

[youtube_iframe id=”q1qpzHkA6tQ”]