Beyonce May Be Faking Her Pregnancy

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Is Beyonce really pregnant? The superstar did a sit-down interview Sunday night with an Australian television show and a very odd thing happened. When walking to the interviewer and sitting down, Beyonce’s tummy collapsed revealing only a sagging dress. The bump then popped back into shape suggesting the belly to be prosthetic of some kind.
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The Grammy winner waddled out on HD, which is known to be unforgiving — but the high definition film doesn’t exactly deny pregnancy contours. The images are hard to deny but take a peek for yourself. There is definitely something not true to pregnancy about the way her tummy deflates.

If Beyonce is lying about her pregnancy, I would immediately link them with surrounding speculation for years that the star has been lying about her age. Those rumors have been following her for a good chunk of her career. Maybe there’s a surrogate — we don’t know. But if Bey is opting to not carry a baby, there is certainly no reason to be ashamed.

UPDATE: Beyonce appears without a baby bump in new J.Cole ‘Party’ video