Mommyish Poll: Should The Parents Who Beyonce’s Birth Denied Access To Sue?

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Lenox Hill HospitalLenox Hill hospital may have released a statement denying the allegations that parents were prevented access to their babies in the NICU, as well as general mobility about the hospital. However, The New York Times reports multiple accounts from parents who describe Beyonce‘s birth as eclipsing their own needs as patients.

One father even points out that covering up the security cameras in the hospital, as reported by many outlets, poses a real threat to the rest of the infants. Lenox Hill not only denies that they sealed off an entire floor for the new parents, but also says that no formal complaints have been filed against the hospital.

Although a spokesperson claims to be currently looking into any violations by the staff, the State Health Department is “concerned” by coverage from The Daily News and The New York Post illustrating parents not being able to access their kids. Jay-Z and Beyonce did not comment on the reports when releasing a press release about the birth of Blue Ivy.

But since no formal complaints have been reported, do you think some, if not all, of the parents involved should get on this in a legal way?

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