Poor Blue Ivy Will Share Her Name With Commoners, Beyonce & Jay-Z Lose Trademark Battle

blue ivyIt’s a sad day for Blue Ivy Carter. She may not realize it yet, but this little celebrity princess experienced her first public defeat today. Beyonce and Jay-Z applied to trademark their little darling’s name shortly after her birth. Supposedly, they wanted to name a line of baby products after their adorable little money-maker. Unfortunately, there was already a business with the name of “Blue Ivy.” An event planning company in Boston fought to keep her company’s name, and she just won her battle.

A Boston judge recently decided that Blue Ivy Events, which has existed under that name since 2009, gets to keep the rights to their company’s moniker. The owner, Veronica Alexandra, rubbed a little salt in the wound on her website after the decision came down. She posted a banner with the famous family’s picture that reads, “Congrats to our soul mate couple with baby Blue Ivy.” I can just imagine Beyonce seething as she stares at that stupid website banner thinking, “The Obamas are our soul mates. You are just a woman with admittedly good taste in names.”

Now, the power couple is going to have to find another way to use their daughter’s name to create product lines. I wonder if there’s already a petition to trademark “Baby Blue” or “Lil Ivy” making its way to the courts right now. Or maybe they’re taking a little time to mourn the loss of their almost perfectly unique baby name.

To be fair to Beyonce and Jay-Z for a minute, I can actually understand wanting to own the rights to your child’s name when the baby has been thrust into the spotlight so soon. Just look at what’s happened with poor little Suri Cruise, with someone writing a book based off of a fake persona they created for the toddler before she could even walk. It makes sense to attempt to protect your child’s name, not just if you want to create your own product line, but that so someone else can’t exploit their celebrity for a quick buck.

Unfortunately, little Blue Ivy lost her first legal battle. Her name isn’t her own. If Bey and Jay do decide to have another little one, you can bet they won’t make this mistake again. They’ll check with the Better Business Bureau in every city in the country before they announce their precious little PR baby next time.

(Photo: WENN)

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