Beyonce And Jay-Z Shockingly Attend Launch For Parenting Book That They Didn’t Write

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Beyonce and Jay-ZBeyonce an Jay-Z are one mommy daddy pair that know how to promote. The business moguls never miss out on an opportunity to capitalize on the potential to make money, as evidenced with Beyonce’s maternity line to coincide with her pregnancy and Jay-Z releasing a song the day that Blue Ivy was born. But although the parents seem to be publicly moving into the parenting world with incentives for profits, Beyonce and Jay-Z recently lent their image to The Thriving Child, a parenting book they certainly didn’t write.

Somebody better check to see if they’re getting any royalties for that endorsement.

The power couple attended the New York City launch party hosted by author Erica Reid, bringing along Tina Knowles and even Mary J. Blige. According to the Daily Mail, the book explores the challenges of parenting children with allergies, asthma, and other concerning conditions. Perhaps Bey and Jay-Z are just picking up tips for their own parenting handbook, set to no doubt launch with an album, a tour, and a perfume campaign.