Beyonce Instagrams Cutest Family Shot Ever, Gives Us A Small Peek Into Her Shoe Collection

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Unless you count her recent documentary, Beyonce hasn’t put her family too much in the limelight ever since she was accused of having a fake pregnancy and severely inconveniencing parents in the Lenox Hill NICU. In the year and a half that Blue Ivy has been in the world, Beyonce has, in addition to fending off pregnancy rumors, slowly letting fans in on her daughter with snaps here and there. (Of course, there is the rogue paparazzi snap or fan that’s like ZOMG I have a pic of Blue Ivy). But restraint for plastering your kids all over social media is a parenting tactic I can always, always respect. Especially if you replace the obligatory crib shot with something slightly more creative and ADORABLE.

beyonce blue ivy timberlands

Beyonce shared the following image on her Instagram, a rather modern take on “His” “Hers” and “Baby,” or the three little bears if you’re into storybook metaphors. The family that wears matching Timberlands together stays together, after all.

(photo: instagram/ WENN)