Beyonce Defies All Those Silly Pregnant Rules In New ‘Countdown’ Video

Beyonce‘s new video for “Countdown” hit the interwebs today and aside from the spectacular visuals and always engaging dancing, the Grammy winner manages to get away with everything pregnant women aren’t “supposed” to do. Awesome on her part, we say.

Beyonce may be all in black and be wearing shapeless men’s shirts, but the performer also manages to strut around in heels and dance all the way the floor, even tumbling at times. Not to suggest that the triple threat would abstain from any of the aforementioned activities, but given how often pregnant woman solicit attention for any activity that deviates from staying at home with the binds drawn, Beyonce once again stands apart.

Our Editor-in-Chief, Shawna Cohen, observed that the only person who doesn’t seemed to obsessed with the singer’s pregnancy is Beyonce. She’s clearly back to business as usual, which includes high heels, makeup, dancing, and creating fantastic music videos — pregnant and all.

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