Beyonce Breastfeeds Blue Ivy In Public, Moms Can Finally Like Her Again

beyonce nursing blue ivyBreaking news! Beyonce breastfed Blue Ivy in public! In a restaurant! Okay, so it’s not really breaking more like an everyday occurrence, actually but I must say I like the example Beyonce’s setting for moms everywhere.

That’s not say that all moms should be nursing their babies; I’ve always felt strongly that it’s a personal choice and that women should do what works for them. But for those who’ve taken the breastfeeding route, Beyonce has proven that it’s okay to do so in public. And that, my friends, is huge. Because in the past year alone, we’ve witnessed nursing moms getting kicked out of stores and off of Facebook (though the latter I’m not complaining about). We’ve seen famous personalities tweeting that breastfeeding is nasty, with one even comparing it to slavery (charming, right?).

And so if Beyonce can show that breastfeeding’s alright, that it’s really no big deal, she will no doubt influence countless people from insecure moms to dumb-ass politicians to fellow diners who might shoot you a dirty look when you dare to feed your child discreetly at a nearby table.

Whether intentional or not (likely not), Beyonce is empowering women, which is always cool in my books. And after building a 2,200-square-foot nursery, giving birth in a souped-up maternity suite and then turning the entire ward into an exclusive nightclub, Beyonce is finally giving mommies a reason to like her again. (Oh, she also trademarked Blue Ivy’s name so that she can sell us stuff, which is pretty chez.) But, alas, she is proving to be “just like us” at least when it comes to feeding her newborn.


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