People Who Don’t Know How Breastfeeding Works Attack Beyoncé for Drinking Wine on Instagram

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You know who knows how breastfeeding works? People who are breastfeeding generally know how breastfeeding works. The internet, however, does not seem to understand how breastfeeding works. That’s why a whole lot of people are criticizing Beyonce for sipping a glass of something in a recent Instagram photo.

Beyonce, as we all know, recently blessed the world with two twin babies, Sir and Rumi Carter.

The Beybies were born in June, so Beyoncé is currently in that postpartum phase where one’s breasts become extremely large. Beyoncé is rumored to be breastfeeding, and it’s very normal for breasts to grow a lot when that’s going on. She’s always been partial to low-cut tops, and she’s wearing one in her latest Instagram photo. So people were very quick to notice her cleavage, and also that she is sipping a drink.

That photo certainly caught people’s attention. Beyoncé looks amazing, as always, but what people noticed was that she was drinking. It’s not clear what she has in her glass, maybe Cognac or Armagnac, but it looks like it contains alcohol.

That’s fine, even if Beyoncé is breastfeeding. Fortunately, most of the 3.5 million likes and thousands of comments this photo received are about how great Beyoncé is and how amazing she looks. But a lot of people who are confused about how breasts work still showed up in the comments to tell Beyoncé that she shouldn’t drink while breastfeeding.

It’s OK for breastfeeding mothers to drink wine.

The thing is, it’s totally fine for a breastfeeding mother to drink alcohol. Alcohol does enter one’s milk, but it’s not forever, and it’s not like there is a tube running from one’s mouth to one’s nipple. Nobody is lactating Cognac. Alcohol leaves the milk after a little time on its own. There’s no need to pump and dump.

Beyoncé just gave birth to twins. She’s allowed to have a glass of wine if she wants one. There are myriad ways to manage one’s alcohol intake and milk output. It’s possible to keep a baby fed and have a glass of wine sometimes. All it takes is a bit of self-awareness and scheduling. Beyoncé is not a first-time mother, either. She’s done this before, and she knows what she’s doing.

There’s no reason to pump and dump, either, unless one’s breasts get so full one wants to empty them for comfort’s sake. If you drink alcohol, then wait a while, the alcohol leaves one’s milk and one’s bloodstream at roughly the same rate. One no more has to pump out breast milk and throw it away after drinking than one has to pump out all one’s blood and throw it down the drain. Just wait a few hours after drinking, and the milk will be totally back to normal. (There are alcohol testing strips you can by that will let you know when your milk is totally clear. Some people like them, and some do not. I loved them, but I know some women hate them.)

Basically, Beyoncé  had a glass of wine because she is a grown-up and she can do that.

(Image: Instagram / @beyonce)