Top 5 Baby Gifts For The Parents Who Have Everything (We’re Lookin’ At You, Beyonce)

Beyonce is expecting her child any day now. In fact, the media went a little nuts yesterday after reported that the pop star was about to deliver “at any moment.” (And, you know, those gossip sites never get it wrong.) Apparently, two nurses at New York’s St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital claimed a “celebrity VIP” had booked half the floor of its luxury “Labor And Delivery Suite,” and so people just assumed it was Bey. Maybe so, maybe not. But that doesn’t change the fact that the R&B star is due very soon. Which begs the question: What do you buy for parents who have it all?

If you’re Kelly Rowland, you pick up a $5,200 porcelain tub covered in tens of thousands of Swarovski crystals (imported, no less). Yup, that’s what Beyonce’s bestie bought her friend as a little baby shower last month. It’s totally over-the-top and screams luxury but, hey, would expect anything less? In that spirit, we’ve rounded up the top baby gifts for little Baby Bey. Let’s see if any of these make it into the kid’s 2,200-square-foot nursery any time soon. Take a look!


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