Beyonce Allegedly Planning the Most Swank Home Birth Ever Because She’s Beyonce

Ever since Beyonce graced us with the most extra pregnancy announcement EVER, we’ve all been waiting with bated breath for the arrival of the world’s most famous fetuses. It’s pretty obvious that Bay and Jay-Z don’t do anything their signature Carter swag, but the rumors surrounding their birth plan for the twins is extravagant, even by their standards. The Daily Mail is reporting that Bey and Jay are turning their multi-million dollar Hollywood mansion into a state-of-the-art maternity ward, so the Bey-bys can make their debut in the relative comfort of their future home.

Forget the inflatable tub, folks, this is Beyonce we’re talking about!

Reports out of LA indicate that the Carters plan on setting up an actual hospital-grade delivery room in their home, complete with neonatal unit and full medical staff on hand. According to The Daily Mail, “Medical equipment including incubators and ”˜an entire professional neonatal wing’ has been shipped into the couple’s £100,000-a-month rented property as they plan the ultimate in home births.” Vans have been spotted delivering … something … to the manse in the recent days, so either the birthday is almost here, or Bey and Jay have been living on takeout while they hunker down waiting for the babies.

It’s no surprise that Beyonce and Jay-Z would choose to keep the birth of their twins as private and controlled as possible. Following the birth of Blue Ivy at Lennox Hill Hospital in Manhattan in 2012, security concerns were an issue for the couple, which led to an almost complete lock down of the maternity ward and neighboring neonatal units. This led to many new parents being unable to visit their babies, or making coming and going to and from the ward extremely difficult. While it remains unclear how much of that lock down was requested by the Carters, or if it was the hospital acting in what it considered the best interests of it’s patients, what is clear is that regular protocol goes out the window when you’re dealing with such a high-profile pregnancy and birth. Perhaps this time around, Bey and Jay simply want to have a safe, secure environment, without imposing on or inconveniencing anyone else.

Wherever the twins make their debut, rest assured it will be as fabulous as everything else about this pregnancy has been. From the announcement to Bey’s incredible maternity style, we’ve loved being a long for the ride, and can’t wait until the newest members of the family are introduced to the world! Of course, knowing Beyonce, it’s entirely possible that the twins are already here, and she’s just enjoying some much-deserved quality time with them at home, before they take their place on the world stage, alongside their famous parents and big sister. Bey-by watch is officially ON!

(Image: Instagram / @beyonce)

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