Bewildered Baby Caught in Real-Life Parent Trap When He Meets His Dad’s Identical Twin

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Babies are a lot of work, but they’re also hilarious. And they’re at their cutest when bewildered, like this baby who just met his father’s identical twin brother and is like, “WTF?!”


Recognition is a weird thing. One always assumes that they would recognize their closest friends, family members, and pets, but it’s not necessarily true. I was once horrified to discover that I couldn’t tell my brown tabby cat from 6 other brown tabby cats on my veterinarian’s website, and I was nearly as horrified to discover that I couldn’t tell a small picture of myself from a small picture of my mother, if we were both wearing the same sweater and hugging the same dog. So it is reasonable that this baby wouldn’t be able to tell his father from a guy who looks exactly like his father.

The baby doesn’t seem too upset by it, though! He sees two daddies, but he’s kind of just like, “Awesome! I like one daddy. Two is even better.” He then demands to be passed from one “daddy” to the other back and forth, constantly. It’s way cute. “I want daddy! … No, I want daddy! … No, I want daddy!” That baby could keep this up all day.

Normally when dealing with YouTube it is a safe bet not to read the comments, but in this case the first commenter says: “The real plot twist: the baby knows exactly who the correct dada is and is just trolling them to be carried back and forth for the fun of it.”

Knowing babies, that could be completely true.