Bethenny Frankel Wears Heels, Moms Totally Judge Her

I never thought I’d see the day where I defend reality TV star Bethenny Frankel. But that day has arrived. Sure, she’s irritating and outright annoying, but that doesn’t mean she can’t wear whatever she damn well pleases to the playground. The Skinnygirl founder sported a pair of high-heel boots to the park yesterday and guess what? At least one snobby mom and nanny took notice. And they opened up their big, fat mouths.

As Bethenny explains via Twitter:

People are brutal at the nanny &one mommy made rude comments bc I’m running after bryn in heeled boots.doing my best.

Look, Bethenny is highly make fun-able. I’ll give her that. But that doesn’t mean that anyone should be mocking her for wearing heels to chase after her kid. Is it sensible? No. But maybe she was coming from an important meeting? Or maybe they’re the first pair of boots she threw on at her front door? Or maybe, just maybe, they make her feel good and so she felt like wearing them without having to justify why.

I myself have worn heels the playground on two occasions both times because I was passing by my local park on my way home from work and just happened to spot my little guy with his sitter. Was I supposed to pretend I didn’t see them for fear of looking like an asshole?

On a similar note, there’s a mom at my son’s school who’s usually pretty decked out during pick-up. I’ll often catch other moms pointing at her and whispering, and this drives me mad. Who are they to judge? First off, they have no clue why she’s so dressed up and where she may be coming from. But even if she were simply coming from home where she sat on the couch all day and ate bonbons she has every right to don the skinny jeans and heels (truth be told, she looks way hotter than all the yoga pants-clad moms littering the hallways).

This all goes back to the Mommy Wars and a bunch of pieces we ran on this very site addressing the fact that we’re all so busy judging each other as a means of dealing with our own insecurities. Something to keep in mind next time you’re tempted to comment on that fancy-looking mom or exceptionally grungy-looking one in the park.


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