Bethenny Frankel ‘Scheduling’ Baby Number 2

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Working mothers have to schedule just about everything from when to make grocery store runs to when to pump breast milk. But entrepreneur and mother Bethenny Frankel recently announced her plans to have another baby — which will also require some “scheduling.”

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“We want to have another child, but we’re going to have to start trying,” a laughing Bethenny said. “It’s a weird concept, but we’re going to have to schedule to try! We talk about having two children, definitely.  But I’m 40, like, we need to get on the bandwagon.”

It’s unclear whether Bethenny is referring to IVF treatments here or just sexy time with the hubby, but neither would shock me considering all that she has on her plate. Professionally, Bethenny has her reality TV show, her cocktail line, and now a diet and fitness business with a SkinnyGirl Daily detox cleanse.

Bethenny’s comments on putting aside time for her baby efforts as a working 40-year-old mother reflect the current juggling act that is contemporary motherhood. Squeezing in a baby with a successful career and a marriage is a scenario that is all too familiar to so many modern women.