Bethenny Frankel Says ‘Taste Everything, Eat Nothing’

shutterstock_57598558__1381087424_142.196.156.251Bethenny Frankel has a talk show now – did you know that? I happened upon it the other day. I turned it on just as she was spouting her famous diet mantra, Taste Everything, Eat Nothing:

Is there anyone here who struggles with food noise?

Apparently, food noise is any internal dialogue you have about food. Okay. I can accept that. As someone who suffered from eating disorders for half of my adult life – I can attest to the fact that there is a lot of obsessing involved when you have an unhealthy relationship with food. How does Bethenny recommend we deal with this unhealthy obsession? That’s right, taste everything, eat nothing.

After she interviews the woman about her “food noise” Bethenny takes her studio audience for a walk on the streets of New York and visits an array of delicious food trucks. Fried mac and cheese, whoopie pie, fruit smoothies – you name it, Bethenny buys it. She then takes one bite and passes it along to a studio audience member she’s never met before friend.

I guess Bethenny is somewhat of a self-proclaimed diet pro – because she once lost 20 pounds and has made a shit-ton of money off of her Skinny Girl marketing. She must know that not everyone has the income to just buy food, take a bite, and not actually eat it. Some of us actually have to consume the food we buy because food is f-ing expensive and we can’t just light our money on fire like that. Also I have a problem with a celebrity giving diet advice that basically trademarks the words, “eat nothing.”

Once you get past those few annoying things though, the advice on the whole is pretty good; eat in moderation. Although it’s not financially practical, it is refreshing to have someone remind you that you can indulge in pretty much anything as long as you don’t go overboard.  I will admit that it’s slightly annoying to be coming off my second c-section, trying really hard to lose weight and listening to a woman who is rail thin tell me losing weight is easy, just don’t “eat like a crazy person.”

Bethenny has made a career off of being the “skinny girl.” I should probably just shut up and listen to her.

(photo: lev radin/ Shutterstock)

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