Bethenny Frankel: I Had a Miscarriage

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At the end of an interview to promote Bravo’s “Bethenny Ever After,” reality television star Bethenny Frankel choked up as she told viewers about a recent miscarriage. It’s not shown in the television show but when Savannah Guthrie asked about whether she’d like to have more children, she told of the personal tragedy:

“You know, I’m 41. It’s a very personal question that I do get asked a lot. We were pregnant with a second baby and at eight weeks I miscarried. And that was a very emotional experience and it had a lot of different things that came with it. And thinking about women who can’t have their own baby, even the first baby, I mean I’m really lucky. I have the most beautiful daughter in the world. And I’m grateful for her. But I didn’t know — until you become a woman you don’t know the things that come with being a woman. I’m 41 and I don’t know. It’s not really my choice. It’s not my option. The window is closing. So it’s something I’m dealing with. That’s something that has not been dealt with on the show that was very recent.”

Guthrie asked her if she wanted to try again for another child and Frankel responded:

“I’m not really thinking about it. I don’t know what I feel that my options are. I do have an incredible daughter. I feel like she’s perfect. And I honestly, truthfully, have thought about other women more than myself. In many cases I don’t do that. But in this particular case, the first thing that I thought about was, oh my God, I can’t believe what people must go through if they can’t even have the one. My baby is still young, she’s still 21 months so I’m enjoying her being a baby. There are so many emotional things that come with it that it’s hard to put it into a small conversation. You just you go through a roller coaster of emotions about it, about your age, about being a woman. About can you have another baby. About are you a failure to your partner, what if my husband married someone younger. You go through a million different things.”

The interview was sort of annoying except for this part. Most of it was devoted to how she had given herself an ulcer and sharing way too much about the lack of sex she has with her husband Jason Hoppy. But when asked about growing her family, it was obvious that the experience of miscarrying was something that she was still struggling with.

And I thought it was so interesting that she understood that the pain of miscarriage might be much more painful for women who don’t have a baby at home to care for. It’s a good thing for all women to keep in mind as they struggle with infertility or secondary infertility, miscarriages and the like.

You can check out Frankel’s Today Show interview below:

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