Bethenny Frankel Feels Like A Total Screw Up Because She’s Getting A Divorce

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shutterstock_105942428Once upon a time Real Housewives star and businesswoman Bethenny Frankel is having a rough go of it. The mother of toddler Bryn Hoppy jumped in the usually slow holiday news cycle to announce that she was divorcing her husband of three years, Jason Hoppy. But because of her huge fan base, she also feels like she’s let — quite literally — the world down with the dissolution of her marriage.

Bethenny was visibly emotional on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, an appearance that she apparently could have cancelled, according to Ellen DeGeneres herself. In addition to learning that Bethenny confides her marital issues in Portia De Rossi, we also learned that the mother by no means wanted to hide her crumbling relationship from the public:

“I can’t just only be on reality TV and show everything when it’s the fairy princess fairytale and then not take my hits when I have to… I feel like a disappointment to all of you and a failure…I really put it out there. I wanted the fairytale. I thought I had it. Bryn is my fairytale… I don’t know how people go through this, because this is excruciating, I have to say.”

Bethenny and Ellen also alluded to a little bit of divorce shaming already going on among some media outlets. But as seems to the common binary in contemporary work-life balance, Bethenny’s troubled personal life is mirrored by some outstanding professional accomplishments — such as her new talk show coming in 2013. Isn’t that always the case*?

*for women

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