Oh Damn Bethenny Frankel’s Soon-To-Be Ex Jason Hoppy Wants Primary Custody Too

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Bethenny Frankel divorceThe Bethenny Frankel divorce just got ugly — as it tends to do when both partners want primary custody of the children.

TMZ reports that the mother of one, who unfortunately feels like a screw up in the wake of her very public divorce from Jason Hoppy, just saw the response from her divorce petition.  And Bryn Hoppy‘s father wants all the same assets that Bethenny Frankel is gunning for.

The laundry list includes primary custody of the couple’s toddler (which Bethenny asked for first), and child support from Bethenny (which she also asked for from him). Jason Hoppy would also like Bethenny Frankel to fork over the cash for medical insurance, dental insurance and “related expenses,” according to TMZ, for both himself and their little daughter. As if an exact mirror of Bethenny’s original divorce petition, she asked for the same, only the other way around.

To get even more gruesome, there’s also life insurance talk, with Jason wanting Bethenny to maintain life insurance on herself and make Bryn and himself beneficiaries. Bethenny wants her ex-husband to maintain his and pronounce both she and Bryn as the beneficiaries.

And to top off that divorce cake, consider the cherry: Jason Hoppy wants to get “exclusive use and occupancy of the marital residence” – their $5 million dollar Tribeca apartment. Plus once everything is said and done and the ink is dry on whatever settlement, Jason would like Ms. Bethenny Frankel to cover the cost of his lawyer and accountant fees.


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