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Rich Ladies With Nannies Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Bear The Single Mom Martyr Cross

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shutterstock_46514542__1376073469_142.196.156.251I’m classist, I’ll admit it. It seriously annoys the hell out of me when people who have financial independence and nannies and things – bear the single mom martyr cross. I find it off-putting. That’s why I kind of love the interview Bethany Frankel gave about juggling the demands of career and motherhood this week.

During an interview on the talk show, The Real, Frankel had this to say about her new role as single mother:

It’s just like Nike says – you just do it. You have to be organized, what choice do you have? You don’t complain, you don’t explain.

I always say pros play hurt. You’re tired too bad. I’m so lucky I have such a blessed life. I’m organized, I’m on my game.

Look, I get that mothers from all walks of life can get tired and burnt out – especially when they are single moms. But I like the way that Frankel admits she lives a blessed life. It’s always nice when someone who has certain perks that make their life easier acknowledges it.

She also seems to have a sane approach to motherhood; “When I’m working I’m working and then the second I’m not working I’m with my daughter and that’s all I want to do. It’s just quality time.” I think we can probably all take that advice. I find it just as hard as the next person to unplug and really be in the present with my children. In fact, it is something I am working really hard on at the moment. Since my job requires me to spend a large chunk of time paying attention to things on the Interned, the days when I don’t have to I force myself to take a news fast; to tuck away my computer, put my phone in my bag and truly pay attention to my house and children.

Good job not playing the single mom martyr card. I like it when celebrities understand how ridiculous it sounds to the rest of us.

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