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Everyday Hero: Preschool Teacher Saves Student by Donating Kidney

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Good teachers are the best people. They don’t get enough respect from a culture that tends to prioritize money and power over all other things, but without good teachers, the whole world would fall apart within a generation. Teachers are some of the kindest, most generous, most important people in the world, and even among teachers, Wisconsin preschool teacher Beth Battista is a hero, because she just gave up a kidney to save one of her students.

According to Inside Edition, five-year-old Lyla Carreyn has a rare autoimmune disorder and has been on dialysis for 12 hours a day. That’s no way for anybody to live, let alone a five-year-old child. But because of her disorder, that was the only way to keep her alive without a kidney transplant, which did not seem to be coming. Her family had gone through multiple nationwide searches to find a kidney donor, but no match had been found.

Lyla’s teacher, Beth Battista, saw her struggles and thought she should check and see if she would be a donor match. She was stunned to see that she was. When multiple nationwide searches have failed to find a donor, one wouldn’t expect to find a match in her own classroom.

Battista says she did it because Lyla deserves a normal life where she can run around and explore, not be chained to a dialysis machine for 12 hours a day. She told Inside Edition that she had always thought there was something more she was supposed to do with her life, and saving the life of a five-year-old girl is certainly above and beyond the call of duty, or what most people will do.

Battista and Lyla had surgery last week, and it seems to have gone very well. Battista went home after just two days recovery. Lyla will be able to go home soon, and the life she’s going home to will be a lot different than the one she’s known, thanks to Battista.

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