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The 10 Best Things About Being A Working Mom

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5. Your kids get a ton of positive things out of going to daycare.

This could be it’s own post, truly. I am a good mother and I worked hard at being a stay-at-home mom but daycare has truly brought out the best in my kids. Their teachers let them try things on their own that I might not have the patience to allow, they learn a ton, they make friends- it is just all-around awesome.

6. You have a sense of accomplishment separate from being a parent.

Much like Lady Gaga, I totally live for the applause-plause. I am kind of like a dog in that I need treats and praise and little kids don’t really offer that. Performance appraisals and merit increases are definitely my jam.

7. You get the chance to miss your kids.

I would never say I took my kids for granted when I stayed at home but being away from them definitely makes me appreciate being with them a lot more. I know it was always there when I stayed at home but there is something about hopping out of the car at daycare pick-up and speed-walking my way in so I can see my babies come running up to me. It is basically the best part of my day.

8. Your house tends to stay neater if people are not in it all day effing it up.

My house is far from perfect but if I manage to tidy up the night before, I generally come home to a clean house the next evening because there is no one at home all day making food, taking poops and ditching dirty laundry all over the place. Unless my jackass dog chews up a crayon and spits it out on the carpet, I come home to what I left at 7am.

9. Being on a busy schedule can be very good for you.

In general, I eat better and sleep better when I am working. Staying on a predictable schedule is easier for me when I have somewhere I have to be and it’s great for my diet when that somewhere does not include my kitchen cupboards where I can graze all day.

10. It helps you not sweat the small stuff.

I have so much on my plate between my full-time job, writing for Mommyish (the best kind of busy, but busy nevertheless) and trying to take care of my house, be a good mother and wife and attempt to do the gym, read a book now and then and keep up on friendships. I hardly have time to sweat the big stuff let alone the small and that is better for everyone around me.

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