5 Sippy Cups That Will Never Leak, No Matter How Hard Your Kid Smashes Them On The Ground

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Guys, I am writing this post based on four years of sippy cup expertise with my two children, who love nothing more than to hurl cups full of milk at the ground like a couple of coked up baseball pitchers. These are all cups sitting in my cabinet right now, next to other, lesser cups who have failed us along the way. (I’m looking at you, Zo-li Cup.)

For the most part these cups are not fancy, frilly, or cool looking. They aren’t the kind of sippy cups you see tucked into the $300 diaper bags of celebrities, or touted by eco-friendly moms on Pinterest. These are the work horses, the get-shit-done sippy cups that have one mission and one mission only: NOT TO LEAK.

(Programming note: I try to link to the cheapest prices I could find, which is often the version of the cup in “girl” colors #GAG. I hate that cups are gendered, but such is the patriarchy.)

1. Nuk Gerber Graduates Hard Spout Sippy Cups (Four for $12.39 on Amazon)

These mother-effers have saved my life for the past three years. I tried so many dribbly sippy cups until a wise mom-friend whispered in my ear. “Get the Nuks,” she said. “You could drive over them and they wouldn’t break or leak.” These things are indestructible. They also last forever and are made of hard plastic that will surely survive the apocalypse. The one downside is that the whole system is reliant on these little white valves (Nuk calls it their “Seal Zone technology”), which plug into the top of the cup. They’re easy to lose when you take them off the cup to wash (my dishwasher eats them for a snack). The cup will leak if they become dislodged inside the cup, but this rarely happens. Buy some extra valves in case you lose one. These sippy cups are my life. I want to make out with them, Notebook style.


2. Nuk Fashion Learner ($9.92 on Amazon)

The perfect intro sippy cup for your little babe, with a nice soft spout perfect for chewing and teething. They can gnaw at this thing all day and still not a drop leaks out. I’m not sure who these geniuses are that work at Nuk, but they’re so good at keeping liquid in maybe they could attempt to make me an iPhone case that keeps liquid out? You know, cuz maybe I have a toddler who loves to thrown phones in toilets, I dunno.

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