10 Fun Ways To Celebrate Shark Week With Kids Plus Booze And Stuff For Moms

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Shark-Week__1375703312_74.134.205.46It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Shark Week has officially started and I am so geeked it isn’t even funny. I love sharks, and I have my younger sister to thank for getting me into these amazing creatures when we were little. Now she is a grownup woman who does stuff like swims with sharks and helps with shark conservation. Shark Week is a BIG deal at my house, and I try and do fun things with my kids while we enjoy all the awesome shows on the Discovery Channel. Plus, Shark Week is a sneaky way you can get your kids interested in science and nature, kids are naturally drawn to sharks because they are big and mysterious and known as being “dangerous” when in reality, sharks have more to fear from humans then we do from them. So, if you celebrate Shark Week at your house (I love how it’s become almost like a real holiday) here are some fun ways you can add to your activities.

Sign The Oceana Petition To Help Protect Great Whites

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 Buy A Pair Of Shark Shoes 

Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 6.30.46 AM

Tom’s has a pair of limited edition shark shoes in men’s, women’s, youth and baby sizes. Not only do they give a pair to a child in need, but five dollars of every purchase gets donated to Oceana.

Make This Adorable Shark Papercraft 



Head on over to Almost Unschoolers and learn how to make this cute guy out of construction paper.

Make Some Shark Themed Snacks 


(Image: Pinterest)

As much as I love complicated snacks (see below) – I love clever things even dumb moms like me can do. I am not sure who originally came up with this, but whatever brilliant person cut mozzarella into triangles and called them “shark’s teeth” thank you and I am totally stealing this idea.

And A Bit More Complicated 


(Image: Craftsy)

I love this but I’m not sure how great my carving skills are. So you can always just..

Head On Over To Coldstone Creamery 

shark-week-frenzyAnd buy their limited edition Shark week ice cream, and they also have a cake! Because cake, nom nom nom.

 Print Some Coloring Pages 



Shark Savers, a conservation group, has some great coloring pages to print out with some shark facts at the bottom. They also have puzzles, word searches and connect-the-dots.

Watch The National Aquariums Shark Cam

Live video by Animal Planet L!ve

Daily feedings at nine a.m ET and two p.m. ET plus, a diver chat to answers questions daily at noon.

Make Shark Week Spaghetti

August 2012 543 copy_thumb


Look at this pasta from Dixie Delights! I’m for sure trying this because it doesn’t seem too complicated and it’s just too cute not to.

Make A Shark Game



I Heart Crafty Things has a great tutorial on how to make a shark letter game to play with your kids.

And because why should kids have all the fun…
Shark Week Manicure 


(Image: Pinterest)

There are a lot of kitschy shark themed manicures, but I love this one for being rather understated yet sharkariffic.

A Sharkarita? Yes, Please.

Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 7.16.47 AM

From Design Sprinkle. 

And For When The Kids Are In Bed To Go With Your Sharkarita 


(Image: Mkremples)

Buy Another Pair Of Shark Shoes 

Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 7.22.10 AM

How great are these for under 40 clams? (see what I did there?)

 Shark Week Panties! 



Ack! How hilarious are these, for either celebrating the holiday or for um, that bad holiday none of us like? Ten bucks on etsy.

And Another Cocktail. Because, cocktails. 


(Image: Pinterest)

The Great White. Vodka, ruby red cocktail, splash of blue curaçao. Count me in.

(Image: Discovery)