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The 10 Best Parts About Birth No One Talks About

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You may be terrified of your impending labor, but I promise you it isn’t all bad. Sure, going into labor wasn’t necessarily the highlight of my life, and I only wanted to do it twice.

But there are still 10 big benefits to labor that no one’s talking about:

1. Everyone waits on you hand and foot. Labor was the only time that I felt comfortable allowing everyone in the room to take turns feeding me water through a straw while I grunted and strained.

2. You can ask for almost anything you want, and you’ll probably get it. Take advantage of this right now because the next few months are going to be all about the baby.

3. No one cares what you look like. Sweaty hair, running mascara, red face—it’s all good. You’re doing really hard work, and no one is judging how put together you are.

4. The fun of the anticipation. When will it be go-time? How fast will the baby come? What’s it going to look like? This is better than the Super Bowl!

5. Finally getting that epidural. I didn’t have an epidural personally, but the word on the street is that the moment the epidural kicks in, labor starts to get fun. I’m even more jealous when I hear about the “magic” button.

6. Getting high on oxytocin. The “love hormone” rushes through your body during labor and after, and trust me when I say that it’s better than any drug you may or may not have experimented with in the past.

7. You will be praised, regardless of the end product. At the end of it all, whether unmedicated, epidural, or C-section, everyone will fawn over you and praise you for a job well done—for at least a few hours.

8. Your first huge meal post-baby has never tasted so good. Eating a giant bowl of spaghetti like a hungry, hungry hippo is totes fine after birthing a baby.

9. The enforced rest. I’m a naturally busy person. It felt awesome to be commanded by my midwife to rest during early labor and not to leave my bed for 24 hours after.

10. The meal train to follow. If you have loving friends and family in your area, bask in the attention—and home-cooked meals—you will receive in the first few weeks after baby.

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