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Silly Sandy Fun

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Image: Facebook / Kid’s World

Gone are the days of the old plastic sandboxes! Bugs could easily get in, other animals could easily find their way in, and of course, if the lid had a hole in it, that would result in rainy and soggy sand. Nobody wants to play in wet sand, unless it is at the beach on a beautiful summer day, of course! A wonderful solution to this is for the kids to basically kind of have their very own “sand fort.” Snag a tent from your local store, they may even be on clearance by the end of camping season. Fill it up with play-sand, and some fun toys for playing in the sand with. Now your little one will have all the fun in the world in their little personal sandpit! The great thing is that when they are done, you can zip it right up, keep critters out, and keep the sand nice and dry.

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