27 Iconic TV Episodes That Totally Nail Real-Life Parenting

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The Cosby Show (Season 2, Episode 22 ) Theo’s Holiday

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This is arguably one of the most well known and best episodes of the series. When Theo tells his father that he believes adult life will be a breeze, Cliff decides to teach his son a much needed lesson. While he’s out, the whole family turns their house into the “Real World Apartments,” and Theo is now an adult on his own. He hilariously realizes that adulthood isn’t all it’s cracked up to be when he has to find a job (as a model), get an apartment, furnish said apartment, and still somehow take care of himself on a small budget. And he has to deal with his little sister as a shrewd bank loan officer. Then he recruits his best friend Cockroach to help!

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