27 Iconic TV Episodes That Totally Nail Real-Life Parenting

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The Goldbergs (Season 2, Episode 15) Happy Mom, Happy Life

Image: ABC

Beverly Goldberg puts the “mother” in “smother.” And this is proven true when Adam has to do one of those school projects where you have a baby. He chooses his crush, Dana and they must care for a Cabbage Patch Kid. Of course, Beverly turns into the “grandmother” from hell, making Adam feel he has to choose her over Dana. Adam then allows Dana to talk to his mother, with naturally disastrous results. When the kids ask “grandpa” Murray to babysit, Bev gets in the way and loses the doll to a dog. In the end, Adam stands up to his mom, and she stays out of his and Dana’s way while they hang out in his treehouse.

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