27 Iconic TV Episodes That Totally Nail Real-Life Parenting

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The Simpsons (Season 1, Episode 6) Moaning Lisa

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We know The Simpsons for its absurdity and irreverence, but this episode from the first season is surprisingly tender one. Middle daughter Lisa wakes up inexplicably sad one day. Despite her parents best efforts to cheer her up, she gets more sad, going so far as to lament the state of the world. Lisa meets a blues saxophonist who teaches her how to channel her sadness into music until Marge drags her away. Giving her daughter a little tough love, Marge convinces Lisa to put on a happy front until she sees the damage pretending is doing. In the end, she does what she can to support her daughter’s true happiness. This is one of the best episodes, but is often forgotten.

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