18 Best Nursing Bras, Ranked

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WonderMoms Wireless Lace Nursing Bra

Image: Amazon

Here’s another front closure bra that snaps from the middle vs. from the top (we hear this makes using an electric pump easier). This one is set at a higher price point but will get to you faster. The company that makes these bras was founded by a woman who was breastfeeding at the time while trying to work. She said she was unprepared for the lack of variety in nursing bras and settled on wearing sports bras, which came with it’s own set of problems. Therefore, she founded WonderMoms.

Customers seem to like WonderMoms’ solutions too, with one saying, “I literally said out loud “ahhhh” as I tried this bra on out of the package. It’s so soft and feels lovely on. Very true to size. I am a person who has never been able to get away without wearing underwire but a bout of mastitis has had me swear them off. This bra offers shape and support JUST like an underwire, I’m so impressed. It also has a thicker cup so a little leaking won’t make it through to the shirt (I hate wearing nursing pads) and the removable pads in most other nursing bras bunch up and drive me nuts.”

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