18 Best Nursing Bras, Ranked

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Paramour® Women’s Front Close Nursing Bra with Lace T-Back

Image: Target

“I’ve tried a few bras and I have to say this one is by far my favorite…super cute and sexy and it fits very very well. I’ve recently gotten a bra fitting and found out I had been wearing the wrong size which was a 38 DDD. Turns out I needed a 38 G which is what I ordered. fits like a glove and would highly recommend this if you for sure know your size. I feel like if I would have ordered the DDD I wouldn’t have been happy,” said one reviewer of this Paramour brand bra.

It’s available at Target and can be shipped to you but only for free if you purchase more than $35.00 from the store. The bra will run you $27.99, so it won’t reach that threshold alone. The best part? The built in pads are moisture wicking, meant to keep the wet feeling away from your skin.

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